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Integrated Program Management Office

 When you need a true north for integrated program management support, TruePMOSM delivers proven expertise for challenging and complex program management needs

Proven Methodology and Framework 

Our robust PMO methodology is based on proven experience and deep practitioner knowledge of our clients, their specific program topics, and the size and scale of their programs. Our framework features PMO tools, templates, and models that promote integration and enable the successful management and delivery of large, complex, transformational programs with flexible design for agile, lean, or waterfall methodologies.

Dedicated Team of PMO Professionals

For organizations implementing large, transformational programs, finding the right partner to manage and integrate the myriad of details is often the most challenging part. Guidehouse puts client priorities at the forefront of every program. We know your business, risks, systems, people, and regulatory environment, and our expansive operational, technological, and sector-specific expertise add value to every client program. Learn more about how Guidehouse can help make your organization’s vision for transformation a reality.

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Solutions for Transformation 

Partnering with Guidehouse provides the large-scale technology deployment, change management, and stakeholder management solutions clients need. We augment these capabilities with strategic guidance on program management, risk and resource management, and market intelligence through Guidehouse Insights. Guidehouse’s pragmatic, client-focused approach is designed to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, ensure effective communication and coordination, and realize value at every stage of the program lifecycle, simplifying the complexities of: 


Project and Program Governance 

Risk and Issue Management

Integrated Schedule Management

Quality and Knowledge Management
Financial Planning and Management Change and Stakeholder Management

Core Focus Areas 

With an eye toward transformation, our client-dedicated teams of PMO experts utilize tools and best practices proven in multi-stakeholder project management. We quickly assess the needs of each client program and create a customized structure, developing clearly defined roles, decision-making processes, and effective performance monitoring methods for core focus areas:

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