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In a rapidly changing world, the critical need for managing change at all levels is paramount. Organizations can no longer assume that if people are educated and intrinsically understand the benefit of a change, that change will automatically occur. We guide our clients in deploying science-based, data-backed change management that successfully transforms corporations and public sector agencies. 

The Guidehouse (re)Vision™ approach is a unique change management process that goes beyond typical tactics to promote successful and sustainable transformations. We focus on capturing the hearts and minds of people by leveraging a deep set of techniques and insights into an understanding of human behavior and how organizations are created and managed. 

Our (re)Vision™ approach is unparalleled in supporting an organization through the entire trajectory of a change. We have developed an exceptional interdisciplinary solution that helps our clients actively plan for and manage the human dimensions of large-scale organizational transformation by reaching into stakeholders’ minds to truly motivate behavior change.

To achieve genuine behavioral change, the Guidehouse (re)Vision™ process incorporates three essential disciplines that contain specifically defined activities and tools: People-Centric Change, Human-Centered Design (HCD), and Behavioral Economics. 

These tools work synergistically to create a truly differentiated change management approach. 

People-Centric Change: A foundational framework for transformation anchored in business strategy and desired outcomes. Human-Centered Design (HCD): This involves a collaborative approach to understanding and designing a personal and empowering experience for stakeholders. We blend the three disciplines within the (re)Vision™ method to guide our clients through a five-step process.

  1. Empathize
  2. Define
  3. Ask “What if?”
  4. Prototype
  5. Document

Behavioral Economics: We use science-driven tactics and techniques rooted in a deep understanding of the human psyche to create environments that encourage people toward positive, authentic change. We leverage behavioral economics through five lenses, combining them with key insights from decision science to develop hypotheses. This allows us to focus on the frictions and complexities that create barriers to optimal behavior, including: 

  • Timing: Humans are biased toward present outcomes and minimize future outcomes.
  • Frames: Humans are more motivated to avoid loss than they are excited about positive gains. Promoting choices as potential losses can drive behavior.
  • Social: The behaviors, intentions, and consequences of others can shape decisions and choices.
  • Cues and shortcuts: We explore the pertinent cues and available alternatives that are negatively shaping behaviors.

Our assessment provides leadership insights into our client’s organizational climate and readiness for change. We advance towards the necessary culture, behaviors, and alignments required to achieve our client’s mission and ensure success. 


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