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Covid-19 Going Forward

Covid-19 Going Forward

Getting People Back to the Workplace

As states begin to lift stay-at-home orders and allow more businesses to reopen their office doors, organizations face a few critical questions:

  1. How can we create a safer workplace?
  2. How can we make our employees feel safer?
  3. What changes do we need to make for this and future scenarios?

Our Life Sciences and Public Health teams have created a comprehensive service offering, Going Forward, to help organizations as they begin to answer these questions and implement their “Back to the Workplace” strategies.

At Guidehouse, we help our clients navigate through their toughest challenges through the creation of scalable, bold, innovative solutions that prepare them for future growth.

Our solution consists of a menu of services –– ranging from development of policies and procedures to helping companies establish Covid-19 testing options for employees (whether self-administered or administered through a third party). Choose which services best fit your organization’s needs based upon your risk assessment, workforce and type of business.

Guidehouse can help clients arrive at their desired outcome by supporting them through three distinct phases.

Phase 1: Risk Assessment

  • Employee function and demographic analysis
  • Corporate risk profiling

Phase 2: Intervention Selection

  • Federal / State / Local requirements
  • Benefit analysis

Phase 3: Execution

  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Development of SOPs, trainings, etc.
  • Communication and change management
  • Partnering guidance / options

“Back to the Workplace” plans should focus on identifying the steps employers can take to help reduce workers’ risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

Our Expertise to Help You Going Forward:

  • Engaged by numerous clients to pressure test and perform gap analyses of their "Back to the Workplace" policies
  • Engaged by numerous clients to run benchmarking studies, providing insights along with actionable market dynamics updates
  • Deep regulatory and compliance tracking regarding evolving COVID-19 response
  • Facilitated Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) laboratory certification for COVID-19 testing sites
  • Facilitated regulatory approvals for convenience kits to support testing
  • Secured over a dozen Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA for PPE, hand sanitizer, ventilators, testing kits and related products

In addition to this solution, Guidehouse can help with economic recovery, navigate the virtual economy, help you optimize your new operating model and improve your market position.

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