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Transform Complex Data Systems and Immense Data Sets into Actionable Intelligence

You’ve never had greater access and broader opportunities to harness the data your company creates or greater ability to draw insights from this ever-expanding sea of information. New technologies, from cloud systems and social media to mobile devices, are melding with traditional mainframes and structured data sources to generate new sets of data that you need to be able to integrate, understand, and leverage to differentiate your business.

Guidehouse’s global team of data analytics experts help savvy companies transform immense data sets into actionable intelligence with the latest advances in data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning. We’re attuned to the shifting legal and regulatory frameworks that govern how data can flow across borders.

Guidehouse’s artificial intelligence and data scientists create predictive coding technologies, including our proprietary NavPredict platform, and data visualization techniques to produce relevant, accurate information and evidence that can stand up to legal scrutiny. Our precise, efficient data collection and processing methods lead to faster decisions and reduced expenses. And by identifying and resolving potential issues early, we help limit your exposure to the liabilities and reputational damage that can follow insider schemes, cross-border disputes, money laundering, and regulatory and compliance missteps.

Our reliable, secure technology infrastructure enables our experts to collect and analyze data sets from disparate systems that can reach billions of records and hundreds of terabytes of information.

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