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Today’s legal, risk, and compliance challenges involve a myriad of data and technology issues. Whether you’re facing a surprise government investigation or combating allegations of serious fraud, Guidehouse’s data risk management professionals help you identify, assess, and manage the technology risks involved.

Our expertise is rooted in a global perspective and our deep understanding of the complexity of highly regulated industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, energy, and construction. We create business-savvy solutions by embedding data and technology experts within teams that include former regulators, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, forensic accountants, and cybersecurity professionals.

No matter the dispute or investigative issue, we bring critical expertise and resources to help you identify, assess, and manage the technology risks involved. We are known for the rigor and discipline we bring to addressing complex litigation and regulatory and compliance matters like Dodd-Frank, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), anti-money laundering, accounting irregularities, white collar crime investigations, and anti-bribery and corruption schemes.

For banks and other financial institutions, we help assess, implement, manage, and measure IT systems and processes to improve quality, efficiency, and value. As an independent and objective advisor, we can help you understand and overcome technology challenges including non-compliance, cybersecurity risks, and resources mismanagement that could adversely affect your business.

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