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Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are used to automate business processes that otherwise rely on human judgment. AI is used to find patterns in data, gain insights, and offer data-centric prediction models. Unlike traditional software development where the logic and rules are all fixed within a program’s backend, with AI, the machine learns the appropriate rules to follow from data, either during training or adaptively in production. AI is the broadest class of cognitive tools and includes various design architectures like machine learning, Bayesian networks and other expert systems, and pre-trained language, vision, and speech capabilities. Guidehouse’s team of AI experts has deep experience in applying these advanced capabilities across public sector and commercial industries, using a platform-agnostic approach to find the best solution based on mission objectives and business needs to mine the most value out of available data.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI that includes powerful methods like deep learning neural networks, random forest, and gradient boosting algorithms, often relies on large amounts of data and provides fast and accurate solutions to challenges that are difficult to manually compute or analyze. Guidehouse’s AI and ML specialists have spent years honing their crafts, developing diverse skills and proficiencies using both open-source and commercial-off-the-shelf tools; they have expertise in the most popular and the latest ML architectures and development technologies, enabling them to solve your most pressing business needs with a technology-agnostic approach. We help you:

  • Identify opportunities — From elevating transaction and compliance monitoring for financial services companies to enhancing clinical effectiveness for healthcare providers, our domain industry experts spot and prioritize opportunities for maximum impact.
  • Select and apply technologies — Our digital-savvy teams collaborate with industry-leading technology providers and leverage open-source software expertise to select, tailor, launch, and optimize AI and ML solutions that achieve your business goals.
  • Deploy sustainable processes and tools — We help you design policies, protocols, and procedures to assure successful adoption and change management. We create data monitoring systems and tools to ensure new technologies are meeting your expectations for life cycle performance.

AI Strategy

Organizations that achieve AI success build two distinct strategies that work in unison to amplify each other. One strategy maximizes the business potential and its advantages in the marketplace while the other minimizes the risks that this emerging AI capability produces. Our team collaborates with you to create and advance your AI strategy. We ensure that it is based on the intersection of strategic business priorities with AI capabilities, along with a strong foundation of enabling capabilities and governance.  Guidehouse has experience crafting AI strategies for large organizations and federal government departments that advance AI as a strategic mission enabler. We provide actionable frameworks for emerging AI ethical standards and regulations, and strengthen your existing data strategy. 

Additionally, our experts help your organization plan for disruptive innovations in technology that can create new markets and changes in consumer behavior. Guidehouse not only leverages AI with innovations such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Quantum Computing to develop disruptive solutions for your organizations, but we also work with you to prepare and strategize for how these new technologies could impact your organization in the future. Above all, Guidehouse creates a harmonious relationship between data and AI that ensures future success. 

Example use cases: 

Currently supporting a large federal agency in developing its AI strategy, including: defining AI to scope its strategy for the most effective mission-enabling investments and for effective department risk management; alignment to draft federal regulations, agency data strategy, and ongoing agency initiatives; and defining governance and change management frameworks and technology road maps.

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Guidehouse experts specialize in a wide range of machine learning (ML) techniques and methodologies, including time series forecasting, anomaly detection, classification modeling, and natural language processing (NLP). NLP combines behavioral science, linguistics, and data science to analyze patterns in and make sense of large amounts of natural language data. Natural language understanding (NLU), a subtopic of NLP, uses ML techniques to comprehend text data and understand its content. Combined, NLP and NLU algorithms can be trained to enable processes like automatically routing emails or requests to different departments, as well as reading and classifying news articles.

Guidehouse leverages the best of breed across the full ML technology landscape, using a diverse tool stack and offering technology-agnostic solutions to help you identify and execute NLP and NLU use cases that enable your organization’s objectives. Our AI and robotic process automation (RPA) expertise allows us to develop specialized intelligent automation solutions to reduce bottlenecks associated with the ingestion of large text data and optimize text analysis workflows. We leverage RPA to interact with source systems to gather information into ML and text-processing workflows that enable our analysts to quickly derive insights from vast amounts of unstructured data with NLP and NLU. This leads to increased efficiency in processing text data, driving a greater capacity for rigorous information extraction. By integrating RPA, solutions are built to be easily understandable and repeatable, giving you the power to iterate and scale for future analyses.

Example use cases:

  • Intel Client: Used ML to predict case complexity scores for incoming clearance investigations to help investigators prioritize cases more efficiently.
  • NLP and Social Media: Gathered and mined social media and open-source data and leveraged NLP to predict public sentiment around healthcare initiatives.

AI Research

Guidehouse is committed to staying on the leading edge of AI innovation. We invest in internal research and development efforts to learn and test the newest and most powerful solutions, as well as to develop our own innovative approaches so that we can bring the best AI to you. Our AI team is very active in the open source community. We participated in and won multiple tech challenges, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s influenza prediction challenge and Amazon Web Services DeepRacer, which is a racing league for autonomous driving AI, with participants from all over the world, as well as leaders in tech, and the Fortune 500. We are proud to be the winner of the $10,000 grand prize in 2019 ASCEND Hackathon on how to further career advancement of Pan-Asian business professionals across America. Our team members have published papers on applying AI in healthcare, as well as on society’s most sensitive issues, such as suicide prevention, opioid addiction prevention, and more.

We partner with cutting-edge technology companies to provide the solutions that best fit your AI needs. Just as we have invested in our own AI capabilities, we are dedicated to helping your organization mature its expertise and infrastructure for AI, supporting your efforts from data, cloud, and AI strategies to implementation and maturation.

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