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Organizations that achieve AI success build two distinct strategies that work in unison to amplify each other. One strategy maximizes the business potential and its advantages in the marketplace while the other minimizes the risks that this emerging AI capability produces. Our team collaborates with you to create and advance your AI strategy. We ensure that it is based on the intersection of strategic business priorities with AI capabilities, along with a strong foundation of enabling capabilities and governance.  Guidehouse has experience crafting AI strategies for large organizations and federal government departments that advance AI as a strategic mission enabler. We provide actionable frameworks for emerging AI ethical standards and regulations, and strengthen your existing data strategy.

Additionally, our experts help your organization plan for disruptive innovations in technology that can create new markets and changes in consumer behavior. Guidehouse not only leverages AI with innovations such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Quantum Computing to develop disruptive solutions for your organizations, but we also work with you to prepare and strategize for how these new technologies could impact your organization in the future. Above all, Guidehouse creates a harmonious relationship between data and AI that ensures future success.

Example use cases:

Currently supporting a large federal agency in developing its AI strategy, including: defining AI to scope its strategy for the most effective mission-enabling investments and for effective department risk management; alignment to draft federal regulations, agency data strategy, and ongoing agency initiatives; and defining governance and change management frameworks and technology road maps.



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