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Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI that includes powerful methods like deep learning neural networks, random forest, and gradient boosting algorithms, often relies on large amounts of data and provides fast and accurate solutions to challenges that are difficult to manually compute or analyze. Guidehouse’s AI and ML specialists have spent years honing their crafts, developing diverse skills and proficiencies using both open-source and commercial-off-the-shelf tools; they have expertise in the most popular and the latest ML architectures and development technologies, enabling them to solve your most pressing business needs with a technology-agnostic approach. We help our clients:

  • Identify opportunities - From elevating transaction and compliance monitoring for financial services companies to enhancing clinical effectiveness for healthcare providers, our domain industry experts spot and prioritize opportunities for maximum impact.
  • Select and apply technologies - Our digital-savvy teams collaborate with industry-leading technology providers and leverage open-source software expertise to select, tailor, launch, and optimize AI and ML solutions that achieve your business goals.
  • Deploy sustainable processes and tools - We help you design policies, protocols, and procedures to assure successful adoption and change management. We create data monitoring systems and tools to ensure new technologies are meeting your expectations for life cycle performance.



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