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Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

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Data analytics’ powerful potential is reflected in nearly every field and industry, offering insights to improve and streamline all kinds of processes by providing both high-level overviews and in-depth analysis into each process. As organizations often do not have the capacity to scale out these analytics or fully utilize their benefits, Guidehouse’s RPA team offers capabilities to help you discover and implement quick-win opportunities for analytics automation. Our team can help you expand on these opportunities and develop a sustainable analytics maturation strategy to support your organization’s unique objectives and goals.

Example use cases:

  • Efficiency for Financial Processes: Reduced exploratory analysis process of monthly financial activity to two minutes, allowing analysts to identify potential variances quickly and use results to generate reports. This RPA solution ensured the completeness, accuracy, and auditability of each financial statement, while reducing transaction processing time and human error.
  • Reduction of Document Processing Time: Reduced processing time for each round from 10 hours to 30 seconds by building a bot that let users reconcile source documents to ensure that all documentation of key figures for a leasing project were consistent across different sources, as well as automated a process that compared leasing data from five different sources and logged any discrepancies between key figures.



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