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Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

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Data Collection and Report Generation

Data collection and management processes are extremely manual, time-consuming, and prone to error. Data analysts and scientists can spend up to 70% of their time performing simple data pulls and other tedious tasks, especially when collecting information on an ongoing basis. Through RPA, Guidehouse’s team provides you with bots that can automatically perform scheduled data pulls, check for data inconsistencies, and reconcile conflicting information in an efficient and accurate manner. Additionally, RPA can automate and streamline the generation of recurring reports, such as daily snapshots or monthly summaries, allowing your data personnel to focus their efforts on deriving additional insights and completing additional analyses. Guidehouse has worked with numerous organizations across different sectors, helping identify known and new stakeholders, and their unique issues and concerns; aiding in the development of strategic communications plans for local and national outreach to drive positive impact; and contributing to preparations for Congressional hearings.

Example use cases:

  • Automation and Standardization for Data Management: Increased client’s understanding of data management best practices by creating standardized training materials, reconciling grant data for consistency, and developing automated solutions using RPA.
  • Automating the Exploratory Analysis Process: Reduced exploratory analysis process of monthly financial activity to two minutes, allowing analysts to identify potential variances quickly and use results to generate reports. This RPA solution ensured the completeness, accuracy, and auditability of each financial statement, while reducing transaction processing time and human error.



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