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Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation combines AI and automation to integrate innovative AI methods into bots that learn and produce results instantaneously in the form of advanced analytics. Combining the limitless cognitive power of AI with any process that is being automated creates a whole new world of possibilities on your digital transformation journey. From proof of concept to production at scale, Guidehouse combines its depth of AI and automation expertise and breadth of domain knowledge to help your organization unlock and capitalize on the immense value that intelligent automation provides, developing enduring solutions built on the technologies that best fit your needs.

Intelligent automation is the powerful combination of RPA with AI and cognitive capabilities. It enables organizations to automate end-to-end process workflows, streamlining processes to quickly produce and provide the valuable insights your organization’s decision-makers need. From the efficient collection of data to its synthesis and analysis, intelligent automation processes can adapt and optimize over time with the help of machine learning techniques. Intelligent automation use cases range from fraud identification and self-driving vehicles to threat detection using sensors and automated decision-making tools. Chatbot and virtual assistant technologies leverage natural language processing and AI technologies to simulate and understand human conversations and execute automated processes, optimizing their performance over time as they learn from their environment. As more and more data is generated, especially with big data producers like Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is critical that organizations have scalable capabilities to collect, ingest, process, and analyze data. From prescriptive road maps and pilot projects to full-scale production, Guidehouse combines its deep AI and automation expertise, and knowledge of industry-leading, open-source, and commercial tools to guide and implement your organization’s intelligent automation end-to-end solutions.

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