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Automation for Open-source Data

Guidehouse combines its diverse AI and automation expertise in its automation for open-source data offering, helping your organization leverage and mine open-source data from social media and other digital platforms and unlock its high potential value to offer targeted insights and inform strategic approaches. Data feeds across the internet, including published documents and research, open data sources, geospatial data, and web-scraped datasets, can be leveraged to support robust AI experiments. However, this data is often messy and unstructured, posing challenges to extracting actionable information from the data. Automation mitigates this risk, streamlining the data extraction and processing steps to enable powerful analytics.

AI and automation-coupled solutions can have powerful capabilities, such as automated due diligence checks, entity mapping for predictive supply chain risk, and optimized key opinion leader mapping. Additionally, social media data can be aggregated and analyzed to measure sentiment around specific topics and to identify issues the general population is discussing; automation enables the data fed to natural language processing and understanding algorithms. AI can also be used to assist and transform traditional open-source intelligence-gathering techniques.

To aid in mining the most value out of open-source data, Guidehouse’s AI experts apply techniques, such as entity mapping, linking, and analysis, using powerful graph databases, which allow us to study the connections and impacts between data points. (supply chain risk, due diligence) We combine our expertise on AI and natural language processing techniques within a flexible, technology-agnostic framework to capture and analyze information, discussions, and interactions across social media and other digital platforms to diagnose why activity is occurring, correlate and predict what is likely to happen, and identify courses of action.

Example use case:

  • Issue Monitoring: Developed a monitoring tool to analyze social media activity surrounding a chemical contamination situation. We met the challenge of extracting actionable information from unstructured social media posts and supported the client in identifying hundreds of additional impacted sites. Guidehouse’s comprehensive approach also allowed the client to develop a social media strategy to address subsequent issues.



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