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Multi-Application Integration

RPA offers a significant advantage over other automation tools in that it can combine various applications into one script without complicated back-end automation. Even with powerful scripting tools, analysts often find a need to combine capabilities from different programs on the market because of required functionalities that are spread across these different tools. This makes automation a much more difficult task: clients don’t have any clear way of seamlessly performing processes without resorting to manual labor.

RPA creates a workflow for your process and has the capabilities to interact with almost all applications, even offering capabilities to send and receive emails, connect and run on virtual machines, etc., so that you can combine your entire workflow process into one RPA bot. Developers and analysts have the capability to use lower-level programming languages to perform more customizable tasks in more detail in an error-free, automated fashion. Being able to invoke scripts in different programming languages (e.g., VBA, Python, R) allows RPA capabilities to expand to more realms of automation and create impact in bigger ways.

Example use case:

  • RPA Integration with Enterprise Applications: Our developers connect our partners’ RPA Platform to a client’s existing ServiceNow instance, using ServiceNow’s public-support APIs. This allows robots to add, delete, and download attachments, as well as receive, update, insert, and delete ServiceNow records. We also leverage connectors that allow users to start and stop automations directly from ServiceNow. Similarly, IBM Maximo’s REST API allows external applications to query and update application data in process automation engines.



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