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Planning and Optimization

Planning and optimization solutions allow our team to build efficient, platform-agnostic solutions that streamline processes in your systems. Due to their efficiency in optimizing processes that are often too complex for human analysts, these solutions drive significant impact in different sections across many agencies and have high transformative potential for more. Through planning and optimization, Guidehouse has worked with several agencies to inform and optimize their organizational structures, agency processes, and strategic planning.

Example use cases:

  • Workforce Planning: Developed a visualization solution to support workforce planning, training compliance, predictive attrition, assessment of competency of the candidate pipeline, and employee movement. This shaped agency campaigns to support workforce engagement around data analytics and inform their human capital strategy.
  • Staffing Optimization: We helped optimize staffing levels to maximize budget, increase security, and achieve agency mission. Built a prototype workforce staffing model, as well as other analytical and machine learning models, to help the agency understand the risks and complexities associated with applicants, better anticipate workload demands, and reallocate staff to areas with higher demand.



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