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Holistic Implementation
What differentiates us in our Salesforce implementation is the unparalleled subject matter expertise we bring to the table to be a guide to our clients to solve their biggest challenges with technological advancement through the entire journey. Complementing our technical expertise is our process deeply rooted in our management consulting fabric. We collaborate with our clients to provide process analysis and optimization, data and security modeling, and ensure a change management process is part of our Salesforce implementation strategy.

We deliver Salesforce Solutions across our primary industries:

  • State & Local Government
  • National Security & Defense
  • Commercial (Energy & Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Financial Services)

State & Local Government: Designing Around Citizens
In working with state and local governments to make the transformation to citizen centricity, we have observed several common challenges. The capability to present an integrated experience to the customer depends on the ability to integrate citizen data across several agencies and departmental data sources. Implementing an integrated information model to support state and local government transformation requires collaboration among key agencies and strong executive support. An actionable, practical future state vision and roadmap makes the transformation initiative “real” and goes a long way toward gaining the buy-in of key stakeholders. State and local governments across the country are starting to recognize the importance of collaboration across departments that address similar concerns, such as public safety and children’s issues. Bringing these departments together fosters collaboration, increases efficiency, and improves service to citizens. Salesforce provides this platform and Guidehouse brings the solution implementation to life for our agency clients.

Defense, National Security, and Federal Agencies: Driving Digital Transformation to Enable Mission Success
We deliver integrated professional services that support the government’s move toward a more citizen- and mission-centric operating model. As government agencies evolve in their digital transformation journey, we leverage the Salesforce platform to enable modernization, innovation, supplier management, employee engagement, and workflow process automation through the FedRAMP-authorized solution.

Commercial Industries: Designing for a True Customer-360 Experience
At Guidehouse, we bring a holistic approach that is centered around the client experience. We believe that a commitment to understanding the full customer journey will result in a product that enables our commercial clients to engage with their clients and partners to drive satisfaction, loyalty, impacting their bottom line and differentiating themselves from their competitors. We work to enable Utilities engagement with clients through marketing campaigns and social media and providing efficient and transparent servicing for workers in the field. Our focus in the Healthcare industry allows us to collaborate with hospitals, health systems, payers, government entities and life sciences companies to help them thrive in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Our Financial Services & Insurance practice focus of business transformation and digital enablement is facilitated by the ability of the Salesforce platform to accelerate our customers’ ideal state for client experience and enable the future strategy for their organization. Guidehouse partners with these firms to conduct an end-to-end assessment, mapping and reengineering existing processes needed to achieve the future state.

Salesforce Solution Use Cases

  • Case Management - Provide a platform for handling outreach and intake, processing application requests, assigning or dispatching services, distributing resources as needed, and viewing integrated reports and dashboards on mission-critical metrics.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Provide a true Client-360 view leveraging Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or the consolidated Financial Services Cloud to create the engagement layer through the entire customer journey. Mine leads and develop forecasting through pipeline management functionality, optimize the share of wallet through customer strategies, operational efficiencies, and service agent insight.
  • Disaster Recovery - Simplify complex program, grant, and financial management during disaster recovery efforts by coordinating technical assistance and oversight as well as facilitating collaboration with many participants through a secure and resilient platform.
  • Field Service & Mobility - Manage field service operations and your workforce, set up work order tracking, maintenance plans and inventory management. Place control of client engagement with your mobile workforce with mobile application capability to optimize customer experience.
  • Grant Management - Assist agencies managing the entire grant application lifecycle and grant reporting and management by streamlining the data submittal process, improving ready access to key application and contract data, and increasing system availability and reliability.
  • Health & Human Services (Social Services, Refugee Services) - Connect and manage complex health and social issues through a platform that facilitates processes, creates data-driven decisions and security across city or county departments, community-based organizations, and other government entities to coordinate an array of services for citizens.
  • Legal E-billing & Matters Management - Provide legal departments and government agencies access to effortless e-billing capabilities, legal matters management tracking and reporting, and document and contract management via a highly secure and reliable platform.
  • Licensing, Permit & Inspections - Enable citizens and vendors to apply for licenses and permits via digitized intake platform as well as access records and track applications, while providing a user-friendly management interface for state and local officials to coordinate the entire customer journey.
  • Right of Way Management -  Provide a solution to add efficiency in connecting the city with vendors, constituents and field service workers to manage rights-of-way and permitting to keep the city’s rights-of-way in good repair.
  • Transportation (Customer Experience, Asset Management, Contact Center) - Support a seamless experience for transit riders through real-time communication and outreach, access to data and insights on customer use, management of customer service inquiries, and integration of customer products with third-party transportation modes and payment systems.
  • Workforce Training & Development - Help workforce development and training agencies streamline application and payment processes, enable flexible incorporation of business requirements and workflow settings based on legislative and contractual requirements and improve user interface for qualified recipient organizations.

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