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Guidehouse understands the crucial role that data plays in today’s business environment. Business data encompasses a wealth of information that can be used to better win, serve, and retain customers. Much of that information is sensitive in nature — encompassing both business proprietary and confidential and personally identifiable information, including consumer preferences and behaviors. The disciplines of data security and privacy are interdependent, not interchangeable. A piece of data might be well-secured, even though the way you use it violates privacy. Robust data protection and privacy programs are needed to comply with the many legal and regulatory requirements worldwide and successfully address consumer data security and privacy concerns.

Guidehouse takes a data-centric approach when providing organizations with tailored Data Protection and Privacy solutions and services. We combine industry-specific and privacy regulatory expertise with data protection and cybersecurity knowledge to help clients and industry partners assess, build, enhance, and maintain their data protection and privacy programs.

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