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Guidehouse understands the needs of today’s information, technology, and privacy executives. Whether you are a Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, a Chief Privacy Officer, or a member of the Board of Directors, our team of experts can advise your organization on how best to achieve its end-state vision through strategic transformation and optimization of people-process-technology.

Guidehouse has experience supporting executives tasked with cybersecurity decision-making responsibilities by fusing deep technical expertise, real-world experience, and an expert understanding of current business trends. Our guidance has enabled organizations to identify and protect their most critical and high-value assets, incorporate all relevant cybersecurity public and private sector regulations, and guidance (e.g., NIST Cybersecurity Framework, New York State DFS 500, ISO 27001) into their cybersecurity practices and utilize real-time data to make risk-informed decisions. We help clients align their workforce and cybersecurity budget with their organization’s mission to maximize their return on investment.

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