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Digital and Emerging Technology

Guidehouse helps clients understand how to leverage new and emerging technologies to innovate, transform business operations, and better serve customers. Our capabilities include:

 Digital Transformation    DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

We analyze our client’s business objectives, target customer & stakeholder groups, and review digital channels, then develop and execute a strategy to meet & exceed their objectives. Capabilities include:

  •  Agile Coaching + Support
  • Agile Product Management (SDLM)
  • Digital + Social Media Strategy
  • IT Modernization
  • Digital Blueprints and Business Models
  • Program/Project Management + Support
 Experience Research Engagement   EXPERIENCE, RESEARCH + ENGAGEMENT 

We help clients gain deeper understanding of their customers, evaluate their customer engagement strategy, and improve the customer experience and service delivery models. Capabilities include:

  •  Human Centered Design
  • Service Design
  • Customer Experience + Strategy
  • Customer Insights & Segmentation
  • Customer Personas + Journey Mapping
  • Customer Research + Analysis (Quantitative + Qualitative)
  • Data Visualizations
  • Dynamic Digital Design (D3) + Videography
 Innovation    I NNOVATION

We help clients build physical and virtual innovation programs and labs.  This includes leading challenge funds and competitions, all with an eye on product innovation. Capabilities include:

  • Challenge Funds & Competitions
  • Innovation Culture + Coaching
  •  Innovation Labs (Physical + Virtual)
  • Innovation Programs (Physical + Virtual)
  • Process Innovation
  • Product Innovation

 Application Design Development   APPLICATION DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 

We design and develop web and custom enterprise applications for clients through agile and traditional approaches. We work with the client to define the application vision, understand the customer base, develop functionality, and enhance the user experience. We help the client determine the optimal technical stack and solution architecture. Capabilities include:

  • Accessibility + 508 Compliance
  • Custom Enterprise Application
  •  Application Integrations & API Development
  • DevSecOps
  • Application IV&V + Quality Assurance + Testing
  •  User Interface + Visual Design
  • Websites and Mobile Apps


We help clients stand up, develop, and manage applications in cloud environments, migrate legacy applications, evaluate and optimize cloud environments, and utilize cloud services. Our end-to-end cloud services include strategy, security, compliance, governance, DevSecOps, and migration.  We also maintain active partnerships with all major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google). Capabilities include:

  • Cloud Partner Alliances (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Migration and App Modernization
  • Security + Compliance
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