Guidehouse helps clients understand how to leverage new and emerging technologies to innovate, transform business operations, and better serve customers. Our capabilities include:

  • User Experience Design
    Applying the principles of human-centered design to create products, services, systems, and experiences that address the core needs of client challenges.
  • Co-Creation
    Using creative problem solving to observe customer behavior while emphasizing with the client’s needs to build innovative products and services.
  • Customer Research and Engagement
    Gathering and analyzing customer insights and data to help organizations improve their customer engagement and service delivery to address the core needs of their customers.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Transitions ideas from inception to execution through a rapid and agile approach. Experiment and learn to identify new opportunities and quickly execute new ideas.
  • Digital and Social Media Strategy
    Design and execute social media, mobile, and digital strategies to transform organizations, deliver services, engage customers, and promote their programs and/or mission.
  • Application Design and Development
    Design, develop and build customer-centric digital enterprise and/or mobile platforms leveraging open source solutions to deliver an optimal user experience.
  • Devops Application Development
    Assist organizations to implement software development practices that combine software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops) to shorten the systems-development life cycle and deliver software features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
  • Emerging Technology
    Helping clients understand how new and emerging technologies can be leveraged to innovate, transform business operations, and better serve customers.
  • Cloud Technology
    • Cloud Strategy and Readiness Assessment
      Evaluating an organization’s existing capabilities and delivering a strategy to prioritize where they must update skills, adapt existing processes, and introduce new processes to take advantage of services provided by cloud computing.
    • Cloud Security and Compliance
      Assist organizations in the auditing and application of security controls and leading practices relevant to their commercial cloud environment to facilitate compliance.
    • Cloud Optimization
      Helping organizations create secure and scalable provisioning and management mechanisms for their commercial cloud environments, including establishing centrally managed budgets for cloud resources, oversight of cloud implementations, and a dashboard of the organization's overall cloud health and spending.
    • Cloud Governance at Scale
      Helping organizations maximize the security posture and compute capabilities of their commercial cloud platform while minimizing their cloud spend.



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