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Effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) encompasses the culture, capabilities, and practices—combined with strategy and performance—that organizations must rely on to manage risk in creating, preserving, and realizing value. In a world that continues to change by the hour, every organization presents a critical opportunity to embrace ERM as a means to survive, flourish, and drive real value.

At Guidehouse, we help navigate our clients through a detailed process of assessing, designing, and implementing ERM programs customized to their organization. We actively work with our clients to uncover risks to build organizational resiliency and sustainability, as well as helping to identify the unique benefits that each organization needs from ERM.

Our extensive experience addressing specific risk types—cyber, human resources, information technology, operations, and strategy—allows us to align expectations as well as efficiently and effectively design ERM capabilities to fulfill each organization’s objectives.

The Guidehouse approach to ERM is a structured and well-organized framework. We assist agencies and organizations in understanding and managing uncertainties using an integrated and holistic approach—meaning, we do not look at risk in a silo.

We guide our clients in considering risk in the strategic planning process, development of organizational objectives, and how traditional risk management processes can be integrated into the management and operations of an organization or agency’s mission and performance.

Benefits of implementing an ERM program include:

  • Reduce Negative Outcomes
  • Identify + Manage Risks Entity-Wide
  • Increase Range of Opportunities
  • Reduce Performance Variability
  • Improve Resource Deployment
  • Enhance Enterprise Resilience

We implement comprehensive and innovative governance, risk, and compliance programs that allow organizations to address critical elements for managing and controlling enterprise risk. This includes regulatory changes, process standardization, and compliance changes.

The Guidehouse framework always emphasizes the value proposition associated with ERM. We provide our clients with training throughout the entire process that allows them to remain mindful and vigilant of risk. We can help your organization make strides towards developing a best-in-class ERM program and enhance its overall strategic direction. We do this in part by understanding your current risk management environment, seeking to leverage the most effective elements that are already in place to accelerate development and reduce change management requirements.

Guidehouse combines deep ERM expertise with an understanding of your organization and culture to design and implement a program that will continue to add value to your organization’s efforts to identify, assess, and manage its most significant risks.

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