Case Study

Cybersecurity Assessment Mitigates Threats

By establishing and optimizing security and governance controls, Guidehouse helped the client minimize the disruption caused by insider threats.


A private-sector global healthcare device company believed that a recent acquisition had multiple insider threats. As a result, the company chose Guidehouse to investigate the previous owner's and personnel's divestiture to ensure that no intellectual property was being exfiltrated from the corporate network and to conduct a security audit to understand their current security posture.



Guidehouse experts were onsite within 24 hours. Upon arrival, Guidehouse's investigation revealed that the current security posture was insecure. In addition, cybersecurity experts concluded that no data exfiltration had occurred, however the system administrator was identified as an unwitting insider threat due to insecure practices.

The Guidehouse team conducted a security audit which included an inventory identifying all devices on the corporate network and their security gaps. With these details, the team developed a roadmap to improve security based on risk level and incorporate industry standards and best practices. Mitigation efforts included identification and removal of rogue and insecure access points attached to the corporate network and archiving the current state of the corporate systems.

Guidehouse also identified no-cost solutions to better leverage existing cybersecurity capabilities and provided vendor-agnostic recommendations to identify and address security shortfalls.



The Guidehouse cybersecurity team’s quick response helped minimize the disruption caused by insider threats. The cybersecurity assessment led to the establishment and optimization of security and governance controls which will help reduce the risk of future cybersecurity incidents.


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