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Guidehouse helps reduce cybersecurity risks to protect valuable and sensitive data

With recent increases in attacks and shifts in regulatory environments, cybersecurity now poses enterprise-wide risks to an organization’s bottom line and reputation. It is more important than ever for industry leaders to be strategic about cybersecurity protections. Doing so effectively requires regular assessment of an organization’s cyber strategy, capabilities and weaknesses.

Fortunately, Guidehouse offers proven approaches to analyzing and improving cybersecurity throughout the organization.


Guidehouse Helps Protect Critical Assets

Our Cybersecurity Capability Assessment evaluates your cybersecurity program using established cybersecurity governing principles. With more than two decades of experience—including assessing the cybersecurity of the U.S. government—we understand the business critical importance of protecting a company’s sensitive data and information.

Our Cybersecurity Capability Assessment takes you through the cyber life cycle to assess your ability to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover—and provides a foundational overview of your ability to secure your ever-evolving information assets.


Cyber Capability Assessment GH Helps Protect Critical Assets


Guidehouse’s Cybersecurity Capability Assessment Process

1. Define Responsibilities and Processes
A strong cybersecurity program is holistic and requires continuous vigilance. This includes defining your organization-wide responsibilities, building effective processes, and leveraging needed technology to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.

2. Systemic Assessment 
Our assessment includes stakeholder interviews, architecture evaluation, optional cyberattack simulations, policy and procedure reviews, and an evaluation of your technology and practices.

3. Continuous Collaboration
We identify gaps, and conduct root cause analyses to proactively plan, manage, and reduce organizational risk.

4. Recommendations
Our experts provide a board-ready executive summary and a detailed report featuring:

  • A gap assessment of all cycles—identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover
  • Threat matrix plotting of each gap area to show likelihood and impact
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Remediation recommendations


Cyber Capability Assessment Solutions How We Manage and Evaluate our Orgs and Evaluate Cyber


At Guidehouse, we have delivered cybersecurity solutions to many commercial and public sector organizations. Our cyber advisors partner with clients to develop tailored approaches to protect their critical assets and data. We offer cybersecurity solutions to help our clients establish and optimize information security and privacy procedures and systems so they can be prepared to address current and future technology risks.

In the video below, Guidehouse cybersecurity expert, Edmer Martinez, shares his insights and four key steps you should take when assessing your organization's ability to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats.

Marianne Bailey, Partner

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