Case Study

Utilizing Change Management to Transform a US Agency


A US government agency sought to assess the impact of the Unified Financial Management System’s implementation on their workforce and to educate leaders, stakeholders, and end users about impending changes and to promote awareness and acceptance of the new system. The agency engaged Guidehouse to support them with the implementation addressing the identified risks, personnel concerns, and creating a more conducive environment for success that impacts all levels and functions of the agency. 



Guidehouse worked with the agency to create an Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy developed to promote user adoption and awareness of the systems implementation to build the commitment required to support success. The Guidehouse team utilized their accredited (re)Vision™ change management methodology throughout this process. After conducting tactical execution of the plan and an agile change structure, Guidehouse developed a leadership engagement strategy. This strategy established regional/enterprise change committees composed of “Change Champions,” implemented various stakeholder outreach activities, and created dynamic communications including town hall meetings, road shows, newsletters, and surveys.   

After implementing these strategies, the Guidehouse team developed the tangible framework to measure return on investment for change management efforts.  



The leadership engagement and OCM strategies developed by the Guidehouse team aligned project and leadership goals with objectives, obtained commitment, and mobilized leaders for pre-deployment and deployment activities. Together with Guidehouse, the client promoted user adoption and awareness of the systems implementation and built the necessary commitment required to support implementation success.  

Using subject matter expertise along with the (re)Vision change management methodology, the Guidehouse team designed the strategies to equip the workforce with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate successfully under the new systems.

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