Optimizing Aircraft Availability and Modernization


Guidehouse was tasked to assist a US military client by integrating multiple fighter aircraft Modernization and Sustainment modification programs into a single installation schedule. With the current pilot shortage, every aircraft is desperately needed to absorb the additional pilot training sorties. Under the baseline modification strategy, aircraft availability would decline by 20% over the course of the next decade while the fleet modernized.


Guidehouse performed an in-depth analysis of each of the programs’ schedules to establish a baseline. Next, recommendations were compiled to inform which programs should combine installations or integrate the modifications into regularly scheduled program depot maintenance to improve enterprise level aircraft availability. Once the strategic modification plan was established, Guidehouse worked with the client to develop integrated program schedules to assist with key program decisions, such as statement of work requirements, request for proposal language, cost analysis, and installation contracts. Guidehouse then developed integrated program schedules that detailed installation plans, kit delivery schedules, and install rates into a single product to analyze execution against the established baseline.


Guidehouse continues to act as the primary liaison between the US military client and individual programs to create action plans if programs begin to deviate from the established installation plan. By removing the siloed approach to aircraft modifications and creating an integrated installation plan, the program is projected to increase its aircraft availability, shorten mod down time, reduce costs by millions of dollars, and improve warfighter capabilities.

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