Decarbonizing the EU Transportation Sector

Guidehouse supported the European Commission in developing, monitoring, and enabling sustainable biofuels


The European Commission aims to decarbonize the transportation sector. One of the current ways to achieve this is by using biofuels, a topic that has been subject to many discussions over the past decade. Ensuring a sustainable production of biofuels is key to the European Commission's contribution to decarbonizing the transportation sector. 


Guidehouse has supported the European Commission throughout the past decade in developing sustainability criteria for biofuels, while monitoring possible environmental, social, and economic impacts related to biomass production. Guidehouse has been at the forefront of developing new insights and knowledge in this field, this includes initial drafting of sustainability criteria, insights in trade and markets, analysis of greenhouse gas savings related to biofuels, quantification of and solutions to indirect land use change related to biofuel consumption, and more. 
Guidehouse has also supported the European Commission in their compliance with sustainability criteria by assessing if voluntary schemes cover all required sustainability criteria and analyzing the operation of these schemes over time.


With the insights generated by Guidehouse, the European Commission and other stakeholders can continuously improve the sustainability of biofuel production and of bioenergy production, while also ensuring a stable market for stakeholders involved.

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