Developing a Corporate Energy Savings Model and Supplier Standards

Guidehouse helped a global beverage company work toward energy savings across its product portfolio


A leading global beverage company engaged Guidehouse in developing an energy consumption model and supplier standards for its cold drink equipment to meet its corporate goal of achieving 40-50% energy savings across its product portfolio.


Guidehouse began by conducting a regulatory review of test procedures, as well as voluntary and mandatory minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), in six key global markets. The team developed an energy consumption model that takes into account real world operating conditions, including the energy savings benefits of the client’s proprietary technology. Guidehouse then developed standards for the client’s suppliers to meet in order to demonstrate 40-50% energy savings relative to their installed base of equipment.


The client used the energy consumption requirements that Guidehouse developed as inputs to the specifications communicated to suppliers and to assess progress toward its corporate energy consumption goals. 

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