Economic Opportunity Through Circularity

Guidehouse translates the concept of circular economy into tangible and implementable steps


Companies are struggling to reduce their carbon footprints, meet climate goals, and at the same time manage the risks of security of supply of natural resources. Circular economy is a business logic that can identify practical and scalable opportunities to alleviate these concerns and move toward an economy that is regenerative and as waste-free as possible. According to the World Economic Forum, circular economy could save $700 billion globally per year in material costs alone.


Guidehouse looks at the key levers of energy, material, waste, and more to help clients move toward a circular economy. We focus on reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and transforming business models for competitive advantage.

We are leading the dialog on circular economy through multiple projects for both public and private sector, with development of ground-breaking thought leadership, and by establishing partnerships with various leading circular economy think-tanks and non-governmental organizations like Circle Economy and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Guidehouse is also co-chair of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) circular economy platform Factor10.

  • Mapping and measuring
    • Design optimization, lifecycle assessment (LCA) analysis, foot printing, and reporting
    • Material and energy efficiency, waste management
    • Stakeholder and partnership engagement
    • Circularity scorecard to map the performance of your products and/or clients
  • Idea Generation
    • Awareness building and education
    • Customized or packaged training for your team
  • Strategic Advisory
    • Strategic roadmap advisory
    • Implementation of priority activities, success metrics and value creation


Guidehouse is working with companies across various sectors and regions to translate and unpack the concept of Circular Economy, develop and implement a circular economy strategy. We developed a report to help companies identify priorities for the circular economy from the environmental point of view, providing insight into the biggest circular economy opportunities for specific value chains. 

Guidehouse, along with Circle Economy, performed the first-of-its-kind analysis to showcase that circular economy strategies can deliver emissions reductions that could cut the 1.5°C emissions gap in half. The report was the first to highlight the climate change impact of circular economy and was used by the government of the Netherlands in its circular economy strategy

In our white paper, Energy Cloud 4.0: Capturing Value through Disruptive Energy Platforms, we examine the impacts of an Energy Cloud future, profile the emergence of dynamic, high-growth platforms, and finally, provide a framework for capturing value based on the principles of circular economy.

For companies operating on a country or global level, it is equally vital to be aware of circular economy policies to understand the impact on their business. In partnership with WBCSD, Guidehouse prepared a circular economy policy brief which provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of adoption of circular economy concept across countries and policy discourses.

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