Energy Efficiency Program Design Assessment

Guidehouse helped PECO create a customer-centered portfolio of demand-side management programs


PECO wanted to leverage its demand-side management (DSM) programs to engage customers and build loyalty through meaningful interactions that lead to persistent and cost-effective savings. 


Guidehouse led the development of an integrated energy efficiency and demand response regulatory plan for PECO at an investment level of $85 million a year. Guidehouse started with a strategic planning process to develop a new market and regulatory strategy. Our portfolio planning approach drew on years of planning, evaluation, and market research data to synthesize insights on market drivers, technology, and customer decision-making. Guidehouse used this data to design customer-focused program designs and implementation processes and to develop a rigorous risk-adjusted portfolio optimized to meet PECO’s regulatory targets.


Guidehouse provided PECO with a comprehensive new portfolio strategy. This reoriented the portfolio from a measure-centric resource acquisition approach to a customer-centric approach that places a deliberate focus on making participation an easy, convenient, and smart choice for customers.

Guidehouse has been instrumental in supporting PECO’s execution of its vision and strategic objectives relative to the ACT129 project. They are a team of highly professional, energetic, and innovative experts who are always ready to lean-in and tackle the various challenges that arise in our work.


About the Experts

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