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Guidehouse used social science insights to improve energy savings in a Salt River Project program


In 2016, Guidehouse conducted a review of Salt River Project’s (SRP’s) residential Home Energy Scorecard with the goal of applying social science insights and improving the energy savings generated by the program.  


This type of assessment requires a specialized set of skills and in-depth understanding of social science insights and their application in the energy industry. The review highlighted the potential benefits of: 

  • Integrating behavioral economics principles to improve the messaging in the report
  • Using insights from social psychology to more effectively tap into the power of different types of social norms and social networks
  • Applying effective design principles to enhance the ability of customers to quickly and easily interpret report graphics

To test the impacts of our recommended design changes, Guidehouse used a control group and two experimental groups. This approach allowed for a rigorous comparison of energy consumption in households that received the original scorecard, and households that received two versions of a revised scorecard for comparison against households that did not receive any scorecards.


Guidehouse’s review of the SRP Home Energy Scorecard resulted in numerous changes to the format, content, and messaging. The impact on energy savings using the experimental design approach resulted in a 35% increase in energy savings.

Guidehouse’s program evaluation team leveraged their substantial expertise to provide valuable insight and impactful recommendations for our Energy Scorecard behavioral program. Their process was transparent, data driven, and incorporated input from all relevant stakeholders in our organization. Throughout the project they were fully available and responsive to our needs, expectations, and feedback. The Guidehouse team has been consistently a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

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