Identifying Trends in European Transmission Expenditures

Guidehouse provided the European Commission with data to inform a long-term view of expenditure trends and prepare multi-annual budgets


Europe is facing new trends in investments in transmission infrastructure. The energy industry’s transition toward more sustainable sources and, in particular, variable renewables creates large reinforcements of cross-border electricity grids, an uncertain future for gas corridors, and strategic questions on the need for storage. The European Commission’s (EC’s) procedure on Projects of Common Interests provides support to key projects through faster permitting and financial support. To have a long-term view and prepare its multi-annual budgets, the EC sought a quantified and robust view on expected investment trends across the EU.


Guidehouse Inc. surveyed all European electricity and gas transmission system operators (TSOs), as well as all developers of large scale storage, and sector organizations. Financial and planning data was benchmarked and analyzed to assess regional differences and identify under/over estimates by national operators., and the team also performed a qualitative assessment of future carbon networks and power-to-gas infrastructure.


Guidehouse delivered a complete and robust database of expenditure trends, with regional granularity, across various types of transmission infrastructure.


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