Microgrid Analysis and Case Studies Report

Guidehouse helped the California Energy Commission understand opportunities microgrids can offer


The California Energy Commission was interested in gaining a broader view of microgrid implementations locally and abroad. 


In a Microgrid Analysis and Case Report, Guidehouse profiled nine microgrid projects in California, 10 in North America, and seven globally. Each of the projects in the report was required to be funded by at least 50% private investment or non-governmental grant funding, or demonstrate microgrid technology or business model innovation that offers opportunities for repeatable deployments. The selected projects reflected a diversity of microgrid market segments, as well as vendors, use cases, and business models, and are either currently online or will be by the end of 2018.

Report authors Peter Asmus, Adam Forni, and Laura Vogel drew on industry experience and proprietary microgrid market data to complete the project, while also leveraging a variety of data sources, including developer and microgrid host interviews, project data from existing Guidehouse Insights reports, and secondary sources such as press releases, company websites, and other public facing reports.


The information Guidehouse collected informed its recommendations to the California Energy Commission on which technologies to invest in and which business models could be most beneficial.

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