Providing Regulatory Support for US Energy Conservation Standards

Guidehouse helped the Department of Energy analyze standards for energy efficiency and water consumption


Guidehouse Inc. has supported the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in analyzing potential standards for the energy efficiency and water consumption of residential, commercial, and industrial equipment. These standards must meet statutory deadlines, incorporate technological advancements, and demonstrate economic justification.


Guidehouse's subject matter experts perform market and technology assessments to characterize cutting-edge technologies and the industry landscape. We facilitate this by testing products in-house and at third-party laboratories to understand the approaches manufacturers take to improve efficiency. Guidehouse tears down and reverse-engineers samples of products using a cost model to quantify the manufacturing costs of efficient technologies, and our manufacturing experts model the financial, structural, and regulatory burdens imposed on the industry by potential standards. We assist DOE in facilitating negotiations for stakeholder-driven standards, and Guidehouse’s comprehensive analysis is documented and presented to the public.


Energy efficiency standards issued by DOE, which cover over 60 residential and commercial/industrial products, represent the equipment responsible for over 75% of the energy use in today’s buildings.

About the Experts

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