State and Trends of Carbon Pricing

Guidehouse helps World Bank track the development of carbon pricing worldwide with support on comprehensive reports


World Bank wants to track the development of carbon pricing worldwide and inform governments, corporates, financial institutions, and the wider public of the current state of play of international, regional, national, subnational, and corporate carbon pricing.


Since 2013, Guidehouse Inc. has partnered with World Bank to write the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing reports. These reports provide an up-to-date comprehensive overview of existing and emerging carbon pricing initiatives and deliver insights into trends and future developments. They cover initiatives that put an explicit price on greenhouse gas emissions, such as emissions trading systems, carbon taxes, offset mechanisms, and results-based finance, in addition to corporate carbon pricing. The reports include data on carbon prices, emissions coverage, revenue, policy development, and more.

To complement the reports, Guidehouse also developed the Carbon Pricing Dashboard, an online portal that provides an up-to-date overview of initiatives and allows users to navigate carbon pricing initiatives through visuals and data.


Each year, World Bank uses these materials to provide an up-to-date overview of carbon pricing developments and trends around the world. The report and its key numbers and graphics are the reference for data on carbon pricing. They are cited in many official government documents on carbon pricing and used by companies in internal communications on carbon pricing. 

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