Supporting French Offshore Wind Deployment

Guidehouse calculated the energy yield for multiple wind farm layouts

Guidehouse Inc. is supporting the third French offshore wind tender with wind resource and energy yield assessments. The project, located off the coast from Dunkirk in the North of France, is the first being tendered as part of round three and pursuant to the new regulatory framework. The call for tender issued in December 2016 aims to install offshore wind energy capacity of up to 600 MW at this zone, to be commissioned by 2022.

Guidehouse performed a wind resource and energy yield assessment based on on-site floating LiDAR measurements and mesoscale model data as long-term reference. Drawing on key expertise in wind resource assessment and LiDAR technology, the team calculated the energy yield for multiple wind farm layouts, hub heights, and wind turbine types. For each scenario, the energy experts conducted a thorough analysis of losses and uncertainty to derive net long-term energy yields for different confidence levels. In addition to the bankable report, Guidehouse also provided calculation results to enable more detailed simulations, including modelled high-resolution production time series.

The assessment results will be a crucial part of the respective client’s bid preparation, allowing the organization to compare different alternatives and make a well-informed decision.

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