Mayors Adapt: Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy

Guidehouse supported the European Commission in advancing climate change adaptation in European cities


The European Commission required the design, launch, and implementation of international city commitment on resilience and adaptation with specific year-on-year targets for signatory cities.


Guidehouse led the international consortium that developed, launched, and implemented an initiative for climate change adaptation in European cities. Aimed at all European cities, this now forms the resilience and adaptation part of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Cities receive tailored support of a dedicated help desk, examples of good practice through peer-to-peer learning, online technical guidance created through the urban adaptation support tool and e-learning modules, best practice guides focusing on co-benefits for adaptation and mitigation, and creation of an online monitoring and reporting framework for adaptation with accompanying metrics.


Adaptation received fast uptake internationally by cities of triple the expected rate. Adaptation and resilience are successfully integrated into the Global Covenant of Mayors on climate and energy where adaptation tools and frameworks designed in the project are used by signatory cities globally.

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