Residential Load Study

Guidehouse helped Arizona Public Service refine its library of residential end-use load profiles for optimal savings


Arizona Public Service (APS) was ordered to evaluate its demand-side management (DSM) programs to reduce peak energy use and demand. The utility was also required to assess each measure within its DSM portfolio that delivers highest-value peak savings while also helping to alleviate duck curve issues by shifting energy use into midday hours when solar production is highest.


In early 2017, Guidehouse launched a residential load research study consisting of 50 single-family residences in the Phoenix metro area to enhance existing hourly end-use load profiles for residential end uses. Guidehouse began collecting 1-second or 1-minute usage data on every end use and appliance in each home. Usage data is remotely transferred to allow real time and automated quality control of the data, ensuring loggers function properly and provide accurate data. 


Ongoing data collection allows Guidehouse to continuously refine APS’s library of residential end-use load profiles for optimal savings. With plans to expand the study to more homes, APS will also be able to understand how its customers use energy and how it can provide tailored products and services. The data has also supported APS in the filing of its 2018 DSM Implementation Plan and its energy storage and load management pilot. 

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