Residential Retrofit and HVAC Evaluations

Guidehouse partnered with the Massachusetts PAs to identify and rigorously test opportunities for energy and demand savings


To help with demand-side management program development, the Massachusetts PAs wanted a deeper understanding of where demand savings, new measure opportunities, and untapped customer opportunities could be found in the residential retrofit and HVAC sectors. 


As a research partner, Guidehouse worked with the PAs and stakeholders to identify and rigorously test opportunities for energy and demand savings. Our work included the following tasks:

  • Conducted an industry-leading end-use metering study of 25 end uses at 350 homes to disaggregate peak day load shapes and energy consumption for all major end uses. 
  • Developed GIS mapping of all multifamily properties with ownership type and PA to enable targeted marketing to condo owners, renters, and landlords.
  • Conducted an impact evaluation of the multifamily direct install program, including metering, to definitively answer questions about the true savings of the program.
  • Worked with PAs to test Tier 1 and Tier 2 smart strips with pre- and post-metering.
  • Worked with PAs to identify the true savings of high-efficiency condensing boilers and test control changes for improving equipment performance using a pre- and post-metering study.


Guidehouse’s evaluation work as a research partner allowed the Massachusetts PAs to remain at the forefront of clean energy programs. Our work helped the PAs ensure that ratepayer dollars were spent cost-effectively and that they continue to profit from delivering clean energy programs.

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