State-of-the-Art Assessment on Adaptation: Infrastructure Sectors

Guidehouse supported the European Commission in improving the public knowledge base on adaptation


The European Commission wanted to improve the public knowledge base on adaptation with a summary of state-of-the-art knowledge relevant for adaptation on five topic areas: ecosystem-based services, transport, energy, construction, and climate vulnerability assessments.


Guidehouse led an international consortium to identify adaptation actors, assess the knowledge gaps in specific areas, and recommend the ideal levels to address gaps, whether that is at the international, national, subnational, or sector level. We led the infrastructure assessment that looked at transport, built environment, and energy sectors. The team looked into climate data and availability, market innovations for resilience, and levers that promote resilient action. Guidehouse also explored how the sectors understand risk and vulnerability, and investigated different adaptation options the sectors implemented.


The team developed thematic reports for policymakers on adaptation and climate resilience. The reports and factsheets for policymakers contain recommendations for the design of a series of communication methods and documents in different formats, and a compilation of a common structure to undertake future knowledge assessments.

Download the studies from the European Commission website

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