Supporting Renewables Cooperation in Europe

Guidehouse provides ongoing support to the European Union to achieve renewable energy systems goals


The European Union (EU) has a binding renewable energy systems (RES) target of at least 32% in gross final energy consumption by 2030. This target must be achieved through voluntary contributions by the member states and requires a cooperative approach from participants to ensure a pathway toward a decarbonized economy in 2050. Member states have not significantly engaged in transnational cooperation on RES deployment over the past decade due to barriers to renewables cooperation.



Guidehouse continues to support the European Commission (EC) and member states in a range of projects to overcome these barriers and effectively enable RES cooperation. The projects Guidehouse is working on for the EC include:

  • EU RES financing mechanism: Guidehouse and its subcontractor supported the EC in the design of the EU renewable energy financing mechanism, a voluntary cross-border auction spanning across various EU Member States. Guidehouse will also support the implementation of the mechanism in 2021. Download the report to learn more. 
  • Platform for transfer of RES statistics: To cooperate on RES target achievement, EU member states can trade renewable energy statistics. Guidehouse and its partner support the EC in preparing and implementing a transfer platform for RES statistics to make the exchange between member states more effective and efficient.
  • Connecting Europe Facility: Guidehouse supported the EC in the design of a new EU funding line, Connecting Europe Facility, which fosters regional cooperation in renewables deployment by providing grants to cross-border renewables projects. Guidehouse provides technical assistance to concrete project and cooperation concepts, aimed at advancing the project preparation and the development of a detailed and comprehensive cooperation mechanism. Download the report to learn more.
  • Offshore wind cooperation: Together with its partners, Guidehouse supports the German Ministry of Economy and Energy in fostering cooperation in the North Seas countries through comprehensive background analysis and organizational support. In a separate project, Guidehouse conducted a comprehensive analysis for the EC to provide an overview of the current financing and cost recovery of complex offshore projects. This information was used to develop recommendations for an integrated framework for deploying projects. Download the report to learn more.



Through these projects, Guidehouse is supporting cross-border renewables cooperation. The team is also helping to achieve RES targets in Europe, a prerequisite for achieving a decarbonized economy in 2050.

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