Strategic Program Management

Global SAP General Ledger Implementation


A large U.S. investment bank assembled several leading consulting firms, including Guidehouse, to assist with the global implementation of the SAP General Ledger platform to improve transparency, reporting, and meet regulatory requirements.

As part of this multi-year program, the client engaged Guidehouse as the initiative was in transition from its preplanning stage to a reconstituted team that was clearly redefined around new milestones and objectives. The goal of the program was to implement the SAP General Ledger across all of the client’s entities in order to improve financial reporting, integrate the liquidity reporting across the entities, and provide an overarching financial view of the combined organization following several key acquisitions over the years.

Meeting the budget demands while advising the senior leadership team in the launch was a key objective along with providing an enhanced organizational framework and governance structure to generate the required results.


Guidehouse assisted with the transitional stage of rolling out and ultimately executing the implementation of the General Ledger. Guidehouse’s approach included:
  • Strategy: assess current governance framework
  • Leadership commitment: re-align team around revised framework
  • Approach: budget requires creative ways to achieve results
  • Integrated team: cross train and shared deliverables accelerate delivery
  • Refresh methodologies: bring in Agile to recalibrate software delivery and team collaboration
  • Ongoing tracking: raise challenges, defects and obstacles quickly while meeting sprint deadlines 


Guidehouse provided the client with new perspectives on how to re-engage the team, set forth realistic goals and objectives, and managed the next phase to a successful completion.

SAP Case Study Graphic

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