Ginnie Mae Securitized Transactions Financial Advisor

Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) sought a qualified and trusted business partner to provide best-in-class transaction execution and financial advisory services for its Multiclass Securities Program during a post financial crisis period of unprecedented growth and global investor interest in its multiclass products. Ginnie Mae contracted with Guidehouse to support this program. The Guidehouse team used a combination of experienced professionals with ‘in the market’ securitized mortgage and banking experience, project management professionals and proprietary modeling technology to deliver high quality transaction execution services to Ginnie Mae. A multidisciplinary approach featuring a structured project management and quality control plan facilitated the delivery of deal management and financial advisory insights for how Ginnie Mae could better manage the issuance and performance of its multiclass securities. Ginnie Mae partnered with a leader in multiclass product transaction execution and financial advisory services that has supported various program modernization efforts and delivered efficient management of over 1,000 real estate mortgage investment conduit (REMIC) issuances since 2011.

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