Guidehouse Implements Program Management Processes That Impacts All Americans

Guidehouse, formerly PwC Public Sector LLP, was selected by a Cabinet-level government agency in 2016 to be part of a team that manages a large scale communications program supporting the country’s largest non-military workforce mobilization. The contracted team is responsible for planning, designing, producing, and implementing an integrated communications program for this initiative that has the ability to impact all Americans. Guidehouse’s role is to provide program and project management support, as well as public relations and crisis communications services, to help ensure this integrated communications program is executed on cost and on schedule. At the onset of the engagement, the Guidehouse team stood up a program management office focused on establishing program management plans, processes, and tools, and now manages the execution of those plans. The team provides support in the following areas:
  • Schedule Management: Uses an integrated master schedule to incorporate task completion status, activity dependencies, valid forecast dates, and an executable critical path.
  • Budget Management: Develops budgets and monitors the cost of the program and budget execution status to maintain current and realistic budgets.
  • Risk and Quality Management: Identifies and manages risks, and governs quality within deliverable products to the government.
Guidehouse efforts benefitted both the project team and the government client, who had previously not extensively utilized a professional scheduling tool to manage its communications initiatives. The team’s schedule management capabilities enhance awareness of schedule progress and impacts, and provided a dialogue for specific tasks that were not previously discussed. Additionally, the client found Guidehouse’s Performance Dashboard reporting system and financial tools to help consolidate high-level information in an easy-to-digest format, while increasing transparency within the program and allowing client stakeholders to locate information quickly when needed. As the communications initiative ramps up over the coming months, Guidehouse will provide additional project management support on additional task orders such as creative development, research, media, crisis communications, public relations, social media, campaign optimization, national partnership support, and webpage support.
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