Harris County, Texas Disaster Recovery Support

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the coast of Texas, impacting Harris County, and its 4.5 million residents. Over the following four days, the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States flooded over 30% of Harris County, an area as large as New York City and Chicago combined. Over a hundred thousand homes and thousands of the County’s own structures, roads, and bridges were damaged or destroyed. With the magnitude of unprecedented damage, Harris County engaged Guidehouse, formerly PwC Public Sector LLP, to assist with a comprehensive approach to the strategy and implementation of its disaster recovery and federal funding needs as well as strategic planning for the long-term revitalization of the community. The Guidehouse team is assisting with grant administration, project management and financial oversight and leading the development and implementation of infrastructure, community development and housing projects around Harris County. Guidehouse is creating a streamlined system for program administration, project management and strategic and compliance services that encompasses all of Harris County’s recovery needs to include:
  • Providing support services for housing, small business and economic development programs including planning, strategy support, organizational assistance, design, construction, reporting and monitoring, and project closeout.
  • Design and support for infrastructure revitalization programs including estimate validation, procurement assistance, capital planning support for infrastructure and building construction projects.
  • Establishing a Strategic Recovery Office to develop a strategy on all aspects of the disaster recovery effort, including FEMA Section 428 program
Download Harris County, Texas Disaster Recovery Case Study
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