Open Source Solutions (OSS)


One of our key government clients was unaware of many of the third parties embedded in its supply chain – vendors and distributors several steps removed from its primary supplier. Fortunately, our expertise in supply chain risk management gives Guidehouse an edge in helping clients to better understand the potential risk of ancillary business entities in their supply chain.


Guidehouse identified third parties for our client and applied a risk-based approach in conducting due diligence research and analysis on the key entities of most concern.


With more information now available through open source and social media, Guidehouse has built and continues to evolve our capability for storing, processing, leveraging and analyzing this data to extract actionable knowledge. Leveraging these cutting-edge capabilities, Guidehouse was able to identify an entity with extremely significant risk factors of which our client was unaware. This allowed the client to immediately take steps to mitigate the potential risk.

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