Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Yields Cost Savings at Adventist HealthCare

"Our results speak for themselves. The Guidehouse Cymetrix partnership has assisted us in meeting our goals."


Successful revenue cycle management depends on many factors, including patient financial services and patient accounts management, clinical documentation integrity, case management, and several other practices of a healthcare organization. Adventist HealthCare, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, joined forces with Guidehouse Cymetrix in March 2013, to assist Adventist in improving its revenue cycle performance through a best-practice consulting engagement.


Initially, Guidehouse Cymetrix performed an assessment of the organization’s revenue cycle by each area, identifying net revenue opportunities, cash acceleration opportunities, and cost reduction opportunities. Guidehouse Cymetrix began immediate work with Adventist on several of the opportunities identified. After a year of driving ongoing improvements, Adventist decided to move into a more permanent ongoing improvement relationship by outsourcing their comprehensive revenue cycle management to Guidehouse Cymetrix in April 2014.


In 12 months, Guidehouse Cymetrix helped client achieve the following results:


The initiative with Guidehouse Cymetrix provided significant cash flow improvement, A/R day reduction, and guaranteed hard cost savings from the start of the project. Our results speak for themselves. The partnership has assisted us in meeting our goals.

James Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Adventist HealthCare

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