Sheridan Healthcare, Guidehouse Partnership Supports Providers' Power to Perform

Case Study: Sheridan Healthcare


With healthcare delivery in a period of monumental transition from volume to value, the challenge of supporting hospitals, physicians and other providers across the continuum of care has never been greater.

Amid the whirlwind of policy changes, an influx of healthcare users and a projected physician shortage, a growing number of hospital administrators are struggling to find providers. Likewise, physicians are seeking operational efficiencies as changes in reimbursement and the complexity of operating a practice increase.

Increasingly, hospitals and physicians are reaching out to provider outsourcing organizations as a solution. As one of the nation’s largest providers of physician services, Sheridan Healthcare was an early entrant in the physician-hospital contracting space. Established in 1953, Sheridan’s initial focus on anesthesia services laid the groundwork for it to become the nation’s most experienced provider of multi-specialty outsourced physician staffing and administrative services to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.


Sheridan has grown organically through same-contract revenue growth and new contract wins, as well as through acquisitions of complementary medical practice groups. However, the recent shifts in market dynamics have given way to eager audiences making substantial room for growth and expansion in an increasingly competitive environment for hospital-based physician services.

To help support the dramatic change and growth it is experiencing, Sheridan developed a strategic partnership with Guidehouse's healthcare practice, through which the organizations collaborate on a variety of projects to develop the best possible solutions for the practices Sheridan serves. Sheridan also works with Guidehouse to effectively integrate new practice acquisitions through such strategic on-boarding services as revenue cycle reviews, targeted education, recommended improvement plans and follow-up.


With assistance from Guidehouse, Sheridan has solidly advanced growth and bolstered its service offerings by delivering strong and consistent value to hospitals, health systems, physicians, and other providers.

Sheridan is well-positioned to help hospitals and physicians address the emerging market trends and challenges they’re facing. Guidehouse has proven to be a valuable partner during our strategic evolution into a leading multi-specialty provider of physician and allied services.

Robert J. Coward, President, Sheridan Healthcare

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