Rochester Regional Health Reshapes the Greater Rochester Region

Guidehouse Partnership Helps to Create New, Fully Integrated Health System


In response to the incentives built into the Affordable Care Act and increasing regulatory pressure, the healthcare industry is experiencing a period of profound and unprecedented change. The challenge for healthcare providers is to create new, viable delivery systems that can respond to the market’s demands and become more effective and efficient in delivering value-based care.

Creating an integrated care delivery system would position two-hospital Rochester General Health System (RGHS) and single-hospital Unity Health System (UHS) to better meet the needs of the community and thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.


Over the years, Guidehouse partnered with RGHS on a variety of strategic and financial collaborations. This long-standing association helped lay the groundwork for the momentous reorganization initiative with RGHS and UHS.

As RGHS and UHS moved through the affiliation process in 2013, the organizations’ leadership performed a high-level analysis, and outlined an integration road map that included Guidehouse as a partner to support significant premerger planning and activities.

The key work streams focused on:

  • Creating the operating and governance models for the new entity
  • Identifying the definitive organizational success factors
  • Designing a comprehensive implementation plan for the new enterprise, including all back-office and clinical service operations, as well as management, leadership, and staffing models for key departments and services
  • Developing a "Day One" mobilization plan to support a seamless, orderly, and effective transition


Following more than a year of planning and regulatory review, in July 2014, RGHS and UHS formally came together to create a new, fully integrated, nonprofit health system with a single parent company – Rochester Regional Health (RRH). The new health system includes five hospitals, skilled nursing and senior housing facilities, medical practices, a homecare organization, behavioral health programs and facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and a for-profit medical testing and clinical trials laboratory.

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