Helping Build the Nation's Pre-Eminent Pediatric ACO

Seattle Children's Hospital increases covered lives by 50,000, grows clinical network with help from Guidehouse


Undergoing an assessment of a healthcare organization’s capabilities and gaps against its accountable care organization’s (ACO) requirements can be daunting. But that’s what Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) and Seattle Children’s Care Network initiated when they collaborated with Guidehouse on a multifaceted project that included the development and integration of population health into SCH’s delivery model.

As Washington’s premier resource for children’s care, SCH needed to take a proactive stance and lead the development of population health for children statewide.


The assessment reflected SCH’s status in its market and addressed key integration issues: patient identification/attribution; stratification and risk assessment; performance metrics development; metrics data collection/reporting; information exchange; application of population management tools; care coordination model; financial results tracking/claims experience; clinical standard work; marketing communications; risk contracting; and network development. Analysis of the assessment data formed the basis for SCH’s population health strategy – and its commitment to covering 50,000 lives by 2017.

Operating in a highly dynamic environment, we found Guidehouse’s experience to be invaluable in helping us prepare for the challenges ahead as we developed a strategy for accountable care and value-based contracting. With Guidehouse’s assistance, we developed a market-specific plan to develop the capabilities to deliver care under new business and clinical models. We are confident that – with our current direction, and with the solid foundation afforded by our engagement with Guidehouse – we are on track to meet our goals.

Sanford M. Melzer, M.D., MBA
Executive Vice President, Networks and Population Health


The clinically integrated network has exceeded its initial expectations in creating more access to primary care medical information.

As a result of the solutions Guidehouse initiated, significant progress has been made in creating a population health capability. It has also led to development of guidelines for evaluating and participating in value-based care programs that have led to favorable financial performance under new agreements. Additionally, progress is being made on the infrastructure, and discussions are underway to expand the hospital’s network and partnerships.


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