Guidehouse Helps Virginia Mason Prepare for Market Transitions

A thorough examination of options helps position a health system for success


The Seattle market is no stranger to provider consolidation as health systems and employers seek ways to reduce and predict their healthcare costs. Virginia Mason Health System (VM), a successful Seattle-based provider, received numerous proposals to become part of something larger. To be certain the proposed strategies and tactics promoted their mission of transforming healthcare, VM chose to evaluate new ways to expand its impact on the market.


Beginning in 2014 and extending into 2016, VM worked with experts from Guidehouse on several efforts — all of which were designed to position VM for a stronger future as the Seattle market continues to evolve. Guidehouse’s consultants assisted with:

  1. Developing an enterprise strategic plan.
  2. Establishing principles and criteria for potential partners within multiple strategies.
  3. Designing and projecting results from integration with a partner.
  4. Vetting and evaluating partnerships.
  5. Conducting an operating review of a partner.
  6. Examining primary care in a specific market segment.


Working with Guidehouse has helped VM develop an agile pathway to achieving continued strength and success.

VM has completed an acquisition and is in material discussions with other partners, both traditional and nontraditional. More importantly, VM senior leadership and its board of directors are aligned on continuing to achieve mission-based objectives in a dynamic environment. The organization is stronger than it was 18 months ago, and has several viable options that would allow it to continue to affect its region and various communities.

Virginia Mason Health System has achieved national and international success based on a management system that delivers a superior patient experience and singular value. Guidehouse quickly understood that any strategies, particularly those including partners, must be aligned with a culture that is described by quality, above all else. By bringing industry knowledge, strong processes, and the tangible commitment of senior advisors, Guidehouse has enabled us to anticipate and embrace VM’s next set of challenges.

Kerry Shannon
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

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