Guidehouse Assists National Public Health Agency With COVID-19 Response

Challenge & Solution

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and a national public health agency’s role in response activities, an agency senior executive asked Guidehouse to support a sprint to update the agency’s continuity of operations (COOP) plan. The team consolidated information on and analyzed over 1,600 functions to understand current Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) and facilities that must remain open in an environment with a reduced in-person footprint.


As a result of the effort, the agency was able to identify necessary resources to support MEFs in preparation for broader pandemic response efforts, implement necessary updates to COOP standard operating procedures, and begin positioning to align staff and other resources from non-essential functions to support MEFs as the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and response evolves.

Quite simply, (the agency) would not have been able to do this without your team’s engagement. The contribution you are making to the continued public health of the nation is significant.

An agency senior executive

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