Guidehouse is a Tier 1 prime contractor on the AFSTS IDIQ contract vehicle administered by the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, Management (SAF/MG). This vehicle provides innovative and commercially proven solutions to the defense and civilian agencies, designed to help organizations quickly find solutions to their highly complex, undefined, and unstructured problems. 


  • Strategic Development & Planning
  • Operational Effectiveness & Performance
  • Strategic Communication
  • Strategic Data-Driven & Governance

Risk Assessment

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Process Modeling and Related Data Capture
  • Crisis Response
  • Program Action Directive (PAD) & Program Plan (PPlan) Development

Advanced Technology & Analytics

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Data Modeling & Simulation
  • Advanced Data Analytics & Visualization

Organizational Transformation

  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Organizational Design
  • Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture & Design
  • Change Management
  • Cyber Transformation
  • Knowledge Management


Selection of our Support to AFSTS

Enterprise Information Technology Resource Management

Large-scale, highly complex and unstructured enterprise-wide Air Force IT modernization and transformation initiative. Focused on enabling a single enterprise approach for managing and executing information technology capabilities to ensure mission effectiveness and affordable Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) infrastructure and services. Outcome Driven: Decreased IT Costs, Effective Governance, Unified SPPBE and Measurable Performance Guidehouse. Guidehouse services and solutions include: Application Rationalization, IT Portfolio Optimization, Data and Analytics, Cloud Financial Operations (CloudFinOps), Technology Business Management (TBM), and Strategy, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (SPPBE) and Capital Planning, Investment Control (CPIC) support.

Workforce Modernization

Large-scale organizational transformational effort supporting the Secretary of the Air Force's Workforce Management and Executive Services (SAF/FME) directorate, including career transformation initiatives for more 13,000 military and civilian financial management personnel worldwide. These services and solutions include performance management, data analytics, training development, execution of a data-driven Workforce Management framework, and strategic communications and public outreach to help SAF/FME leaders achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Acquisition Workforce Assessment

In response to the Undersecretary of the Air Force (USECAF), Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force (VCSAF), and Vice Chief of Space Operations (VCSO) FY23 Investment Review Record of Decisions memorandum, our delivery optimized the Air Force Material Command’s resourcing plan in support of warfighter requirements under resource constraints. Outcome driven: The assessment provided the Air Force with recommendations and COAs for AFMC’s three areas of focus: mitigate current manpower shortfall, enhance digital campaign, and improve manpower models.

DEIA Strategy Framework Development

Developed Space Force’s foundational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility program which included the creation of DEIA strategy aligned with Space Force’s mission, a comprehensive curriculum for educating the force as well as developing trainers, and a communication plan to support USSF organizations in implementing their own tailored DEI programs.


Streamlined Ordering Process

1. Submit

  • Mission Partner discussion with Guidehouse Team Lead and Guidehouse AFSTS PMO for defining Tier 1 scope
  • Mission Partner submits project request, Statement of Objectives, and funding (MIPR or Form 9) to afdw.pkpks.afsts@us.af.mil

2. Approval

  • SAF/MG reviews and approves the Mission
  • Partner request and determines appropriate tier
  • SAF/MG COR provides the completed package to AFDW/ PKS (Contracting Directorate) for review
  • SAF/MG and Mission Partner determine the proposal evaluation cycle, and Vendors have 3, 10, or 30 days to provide a TOPR

3. Evaluation

  • The Mission Partner will 1) Evaluate proposals and 2) Respond to AFDW/ PKS via the evaluation worksheets with recommendations

4. Award

  • Immediate performance start date based on the defined period of performance


Features & Benefits
  • Vehicle Ease of Use: Pre-competed contract vehicle with broad scope of transformation services

  • Open to All Defense and Civilian Agencies: All Federal civilian organizations, defense agencies and military departments are authorized users

  • No fee to use the vehicle

  • Accelerated, Streamlined Procurement Cycle 
    • Expedited TOPR 3 days
    • Standard TOPR 10 days
    • Extended TOPR 30 days

Guidehouse is the only consulting firm to receive the nation’s highest award for quality and excellence—the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This approach is embedded in everything we do and has enabled us to provide exemplary service to the public sector.

Guidehouse Contract

Contract Type: FFP and FP LOE
IDIQ Number:
Contract Period:
June 2020 – June 2025
Total Contract Ceiling Value:
Federal Government-wide


If you are interested in using this vehicle to fulfill your requirement, please contact:

Vern Butler
Air Force Account Lead & AFSTS IDIQ Partner

John Ready

Jim Ebel
Air Force Partner

Julia Gibbons



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